Dogs celebrating new years

Resolve to make 2022 your pet’s healthiest, happiest year yet with these tips from your friends at Sky Canyon Animal Hospital.

1. Start the New Year Off With a Clean Bill of Health 

Make sure your pet starts the new year off on the right paw with a wellness appointment that includes a thorough physical exam and recommendations for appropriate vaccines and parasite prevention.

2. Work Hard at Playtime

Keep your cat or dog stimulated while strengthening the bond you share by resolving to exercise, play, and entertain your pet every day. 

3. Create a Healthy New Menu 

Does your pet need a diet that better aligns with her age, weight, or other health concerns? Resolve to make sure she’s getting the nutrition and support she needs to stay active and healthy. Contact us for recommendations. 

4. Keep those Pearly Whites Healthy

Don’t overlook the importance of dental health. Schedule a thorough, professional dental examination, and between visits, clean your pet’s teeth at home and try doctor-approved dental chews. 

5. Put Safety First

Scan your home for substances that are toxic to pets, including plants, household cleaners, and human medications. And keep outdoor areas safe for pets by removing potential hazards, practicing safe leashing, and having your pets microchipped

6. Try Something New!

The new year is the perfect time to try a new activity with your pet. Test out a new dog park or take your dog on a hike. Treat your cat to an all-out spa treatment or build a cat castle with all those leftover Amazon boxes.

7. A Well-groomed Pet is a Happy Pet

Make time to groom your pet regularly, whether you spend a few minutes every day brushing or combing your pet, or you schedule regular visits with a professional groomer. 

8. Make Creature Comfort a Priority

If your pet deals with age-related pain and stiffness, arthritis, spine disorders, or other conditions that are causing her discomfort, consider the noninvasive, alternative therapies available at Sky Canyon, which include cold laser therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture.

9. Teach an Old Dog (or Cat!) a New Trick

Both cats and dogs can learn tricks and will thoroughly enjoy one-on-one time with you. Be patient and compassionate, keep your training sessions short, and don’t forget the yummy rewards!

10. Resolve to Spend More Quality Time with Your Pet

Whether you cuddle up for a night of Netflix bingeing, add an extra play session every day, or include your pet in more family activities, what she wants most from you is TLC. And the extra time with your furry companion is good for your own well-being, too.

Our pet experts are here to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions for your pets. Contact us anytime you need tips or advice on keeping your pet healthy and happy throughout the year.