Preparing Your Pet for California Wildfire Season: Emergency Tips and Evacuation Plans

Dachshund dog sitting in blue carrier

On any given day, pets depend on people for many things. When it comes to a potentially life-threatening natural disaster like a California wildfire, pets truly do not know how to look out for themselves. Pets and people are safest when they remain together during wildfire season. Whether that means hunkering down at home or evacuating, we’ve got some strategies to help with the preparations. 


How We Make Pet Care Affordable For Every Budget

puppy with veterinarian

Caring for a pet is one of life’s greatest joys, but routine veterinary services plus those little surprises that pets are famous for can eat away at family budgets. At Sky Canyon Animal Hospital, our commitment to providing quality, low-cost pet care helps make vital foundational services like spay and neuter surgery accessible for more pet owners.

The ASPCA estimates that the first year of pet ownership can cost anywhere between $1,904 and $3,221, and each year after that can run about $1,149 for cat owners and $1,391 for dog owners. We’re happy to do what we can to lower these costs for pet families in our community, and in this blog, we share our low-cost pet care options.


Exploring the Benefits of Pet Dental Cleanings

dog holding tooth brush.

There are a few significant barriers to modern veterinary dental care. For starters, some pets are at high risk for procedures conducted under anesthesia. While the risk to healthy pets is very small, some owners worry that the benefits of pet dental do not exceed any possible risks or side effects of anesthesia. Then, of course, there are financial restraints that preclude dental cleanings and/or extractions. 

At Sky Canyon Animal Hospital, we understand what pet owners face when it comes to this important element of preventive care. That’s why we provide gentle, anesthesia-free dentistry as a way to safeguard a pet’s health and promote overall wellness. 


Chocolate, Roses, and Pets: Understanding Valentine’s Day Toxins

beagle with valentine's decorations.

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with expressions of love and affection, often symbolized by gifts like chocolates and bouquets. But a treat for humans can sometimes be a danger for our furry companions. 

At Sky Canyon Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of keeping all family members safe during this season, so we’re sharing essential information on Valentine’s Day toxins that pet owners should watch out for.


Macadamia Nut Poisoning in Dogs

little dog in front of grapes and nuts.

Many human foods pose a danger to our dogs. Unfortunately, macadamia nuts are incredibly dangerous for our canine companions. It only takes a little bit of exposure to create a negative reaction in your pup. Keep reading to learn the signs of macadamia nut poisoning in dogs so you can get them fast help should they need it:


Adopting a Pet for the Holidays: Is it the Right Time?

A puppy under christmas tree.

For some of us, the holidays make us feel warm, fuzzy, and completely in the mood for a cuddly new companion. For others, the holidays are a reminder of those we’ve lost. Nothing, we think, would be better than adopting a new pet to give all our love and attention to. 

But is adopting a pet for Christmas—or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or simply the winter solstice—a good idea? 

It all depends on the circumstances. Take a look at these pet adoption tips from the team at Sky Canyon Animal Hospital for help deciding. 


Halloween Hazards for Pets: Common Dangers to Watch Out For

halloween dog.

It is quite unfortunate that the same things that bring humans joy also have the potential to imperil our pets. The good news is that the ability to recognize Halloween hazards for pets helps to shield them from illness, injury, or separation/loss. We’ll help you get to the bottom of the most common dangers associated with Halloween, and give you tips that prioritize pet safety this time of year. 


Recognizing Depression in Pets

A moping golden retriever.

A great deal is known about the positive impact pets have on our emotional, mental, and physical health. They make us feel happy and loved simply by being near, and we try to reciprocate in equal measure. Unfortunately, depression is a common issue for companion animals. If you’ve ever wondered what to do for a depressed pet, we have some strategies to help.


How to Choose the Safest Flea and Tick Medications (Without Compromising Efficacy)

itchy dog.

No one likes unwanted houseguests, and pet parasites like fleas and ticks are low on the list of critters that you might invite in. Are flea and tick medications dangerous for pets, though? Thankfully, there are great options for pet parasite prevention available, and Sky Canyon Animal Hospital is happy to help you sort through choosing.