Exploring the Benefits of Pet Dental Cleanings

dog holding tooth brush.

There are a few significant barriers to modern veterinary dental care. For starters, some pets are at high risk for procedures conducted under anesthesia. While the risk to healthy pets is very small, some owners worry that the benefits of pet dental do not exceed any possible risks or side effects of anesthesia. Then, of course, there are financial restraints that preclude dental cleanings and/or extractions. 

At Sky Canyon Animal Hospital, we understand what pet owners face when it comes to this important element of preventive care. That’s why we provide gentle, anesthesia-free dentistry as a way to safeguard a pet’s health and promote overall wellness. 


How to Keep Your Pet Safe From Wildlife Encounters

A golden retriever in an orange camping bag.

What do bobcats, mountain lions, and coyotes have in common? Aside from being apex predators, they live in relatively close proximity to human developments. Since we are the ones encroaching on their known habitats, sightings and encounters are becoming more common. To keep your pet safe from wildlife, it is critical to know what to do if you ever cross paths with dangerous predators.