Dog and cat playing with ball.

Preventive medicine is the foundation of a healthy dog or cat. The healthiest and happiest pets receive regular wellness care. The team at Sky Canyon Animal Hospital wants to spotlight these important services for pets so you understand just how important they are for your pet’s health journey:

Preventive Care 

Animal wellness care entails more than the normal vaccines and prescriptions. Your veterinarian will take a careful assessment of your pet’s entire health, from nose to tail. Pet wellness care gives your veterinary team a baseline of health for your pet, so that when any changes occur, we are the first to know and are better able to diagnose and treat these changes in health.

Wellness Care for Dogs and Cats

We tailor your pet’s wellness care to their age, breed, and species so that we can give your pet the attention he or she needs based on where he or she is in life. Here are some of the vital aspects of pet wellness examination at Sky Canyon:

  1. Overall physical examination
    The first thing we do during a wellness exam is to do a full physical of your four-legged friend. This includes doing an abdominal or organ palpation, checking for any vision or hearing changes or loss, examining your pet’s teeth and gums, and looking at the condition of the coat and skin.
  2. Diagnostic testing
    Depending on your pet’s age, we may order blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound, and parasite screening. These tests determine how well the organs are working. Testing also allows us to rule out internal parasites, heartworm, or any contagious diseases.
  3. Vaccines and parasite control
    During your pet’s wellness checkup, we recommend a parasite program that looks at your pet’s lifestyle and their risk to certain illnesses or parasites. Then we provide the basic core vaccinations for dogs or cats, as well as any additional vaccines that may be required for travel or increased exposure.
  4. Nutrition and weight management
    Many pets, especially seniors, struggle with obesity which can lead to a number of health conditions. Proper nutrition is based on your pet’s health and their age. We provide recommendations on the best diet for your furry friend to help them thrive.
  5. Behavior assessment
    Many pets struggle with anxiety, fear, and/or aggression that is treated through training and socialization, and in some cases, medication. If your pet is misbehaving or is struggling with fear, we can take this time to understand the cause and provide some solutions to redirect these behaviors.

When it comes to veterinary wellness care, your pet’s needs will change as he or she ages. Seniors require more diagnostic testing and biannual examinations, while puppies and kittens need additional vaccine boosters and spay/neuter surgery

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of wellness care for dogs and cats or schedule a wellness appointment for your pet, please call us at (951) 461-4100.