A dog wearing goggles.

No animal should have to endure pain, especially if we can treat it. Whether you have a pet that deals with chronic pain and inflammation, or is in a post-op recovery, cold laser therapy can help. Both non-invasive and highly effective, cold laser therapy for pets can be used alone or in conjunction with medication or other therapies to deliver fast results. 

Gaining Traction

While cold laser therapy in pets is no longer considered a new treatment, many owners are unfamiliar with the science behind it. Over the last several decades, cold laser therapy has gained a loyal following simply due to its positive impact on pain and inflammation. 

Pet laser therapy can be applied to various illnesses and injuries, including:

When used in tandem with other modalities, like pharmaceutical support or physical therapy, cold laser therapy can soothe pain and inflammation, and may even lead to faster recovery. 

Like Magic, But Better

Laser, or Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation, therapy focuses a highly concentrated, yet low-level, light on a specific area of the body. In contrast with an infrared laser, cold laser therapy is localized to the surface of the skin, and doesn’t harm the tissue. 

How It Works 

Cold laser therapy for pets is easy and relatively quick (approximately 15-20 minutes in length). Using a hand-held device, we apply the light to a targeted area. While they don’t feel heat from the laser, most pets may experience a warmth radiating through their skin during their therapy appointment. This is due to the fact that the laser opens blood vessels and increases circulation. 

For Real?

As blood flows to and from the affected site, new cells generate. Additionally, the laser can desensitize nerves and painful tissue, decreasing the effects of pain signals. What’s more, the good feelings that a pet experiences during this relaxing treatment can release endorphins throughout the body. All of these things, in turn, lead to relief and healing. 

Cold Laser Therapy For Pets

Living with pain can have a deleterious effect on quality of life.The application of cold laser therapy, along with other supportive methods, can have a lasting positive impact on day to day wellness and even longevity. 

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